Used Old Matress — Shelly Laliberte

Used Old Matress — Shelly Laliberte

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this pulled back hair looking thing is Shelly Laliberte. Used up been passed around easy slore who can’t keep a man. She’s not a small woman, more like gigantor huge tower over you with a tire tube belly that makes you take another route. This woman posts about the man upstairs, but leads a scanty life! Easy clap sex, drugs for sex and alcohol for sex! She’s been passed around so much she should install a revolving door to her bedroom. She’s had a drd so many times half the guys had to be medicated. You will find her in the bars, slipping one in the bathroom and in the vehicle. She acts tough but its her RBF. Watch out boys she ties her hair back to hide her three chins Lol I feel sorry for her kids who have seen alcohol since they were born now sloring around. What a dirty woman, she said I don’t use condoms cus its not good for the feel? gross!! Make sure ur d*ck doesn’t fall off if u sink inside her matted puss

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  1. She's a crackheadJune 28, 2018 at 6:03 PM

    I believe that.
    She tried blackmailing me one time for money.
    She’s a crackhead

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