Elaine lornezon — Forced marriage

Elaine lornezon — Forced marriage

THE DIRTY ARMY: She threaten her boyfriend into marrying her…known fact as hes told many people when hes drunk. And he was also forced to take her last name when they got married. Poor guy cant catch a break. Yea he cought the DRDs with her. Now when ever he passes out she calls her side hobo over as hes also homeless. She meets her “just friends” or “bros” down town. Shes also on plenty of fish and is still married. Shell fuk a guy on the couch her husband bought while hes passed out in bed. #facts #slut #marriedHOE #forcedmarriage


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  1. Innocent wifeNovember 5, 2018 at 10:19 PM

    This wop would always message my bf that i have 3 children with. She told me she is gang affiliated. Yet she let her daughter drink n have friends over while she slept upstairs then her daughters bf tried to choke out her daughter. Dont u think mcfd should take her children from her? Useless hazelton slore