Jessie Abela — Scandalous, Home-Wrecker, Free-Loading Junkie

Jessie Abela — Scandalous, Home-Wrecker, Free-Loading Junkie

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Lil dope feind is quite a scandal. She free loads anywhere she can & she will steal your sh1t and sell it for dope, suck/f*ck any c0ck she can to help her get unsick from herion or high on more meth. She will sleep with your boyfriend/husband/babydaddy. And when you call her out on her shady goof action she will play victim and pretend she’s innocent. She plays it off like she’s worth knowing while she’s only well known. She sees more than a few guys at a time. She was fuking somebody I know few months back and she was fully aware that he had a girl waiting for him at home with their newborn baby. And when his baby mama found out she lied through her teeth smiling right to the poor girls face. She will sleep with anybody as long as they have something that she could benifet from (via drugs, money, booze, or anything valueable) People: this crusty cvnt is Jessie Abela, just another No-Good dope/money hungry whore that tries to álienate families. Don’t trust her with your partner, don’t trust her around your belongings, or in your car or home. My opinion? Can’t smoke other people’s dope or suck any c0ck with a broken jaw. Only thing she should be suckin on is food from a straw. This goof deserves her head caved in.

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  1. ScottdaleprideOctober 16, 2018 at 8:38 AM

    OMG did I just see a post where someone wanted her head bashed in and her jaw broken? A little violent isn’t it? I am not defending her actions. I do not know this person nor do I know you and I think she did you dirt and you have a right to feel pissed off about that. it was just the image of head bashing thing that got to me that’s all. I’m a reverend so I I’m sensitive to violence. That’s all folks I hope I haven’t pissed anyone off

  2. ghandaOctober 13, 2018 at 5:43 AM

    She can benefit from my semen.

  3. Body IssuesOctober 12, 2018 at 11:49 PM

    She is very pretty

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