Amanda Nicole Buckingham — Rat rat rat

Amanda Nicole Buckingham — Rat rat rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: For anyone who doesn’t believe anything about Amanda Nicole Buckingham being a rat well she’s floozy claiming she’s an floozy which is false cuz she doesn’t get regular testing done and this picture will just proved my point that she’s a little snitch bitch rat stay clear to all the same in your house or near anything of value warned

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  1. TylerDecember 31, 2018 at 1:29 PM

    hey Nick time if Amanda gives you a small gold or silver chain those chains belong to my dead grandfather and after she came over to my house and get some free drugs and gave me an incurable drd that I’m not too pleased of.. she took those necklaces I want them back or I’ll smash both your ugly heads in.. an escorts have licenses to be an floozy you’re stupid skank bitch wife has nothing to do with any agency she’s a floozy and I didn’t want to believe it but she is she is 100% dirty floozy not an floozy get that straight you and her both should stop false advertising for that smelly twat..