Chris Rice — Unstable Women Beater

Chris Rice — Unstable Women Beater

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is charming Chris Rice of Red deer he’s from Barrie Ontario. He will charm you at first… Make you believe he’s in lobe with you act amazing with your kids then once he’s in your home look out. He beat his pregnant girlfriend several times in front of her kids. He then left her high and dry pregnant. Never ever will he pay for anything or work. He sits on his fat a55 drinking and playing games or watching movies. Has several kids across Canada dosent pay or talk with any of them. Has DRD and won’t tell you. Very violent and unstable he will hurt you. Gets in you’re head head its your fault. Runs out the second his free rides over or you get pregnant. Has several mental issues. He is very good at charming his way in don’t be fooled! I’m the tenth girl to fall for this. He also abuses kids calles them very uncalled for names. Watch out red deer hes on the loose looking for his next victim and on the run from rcmp for four assaults death threats and causing bodily harm. Run the other way or call RCMP.

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  1. One “crazy” bitchAugust 15, 2018 at 3:57 PM

    Hahaha love this… you forgot narcissistic a55hole!!

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