Corey Jo Marks of Lacombe to Red Deer

Corey Jo Marks of Lacombe to Red Deer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Corey Jo Marks will say all the right things you want to hear only to get u to send her money for VLT’S Pepsi and booze… or pills sleepers. She’ll flirt with men in front of you. Spends most of her waking hours on her phone texting dudes leading them on plucking at their heart strings. Not to mention she’s bi-polar n off her meds on Pepsi. Spends 1000’s of dollars a week, which she lies to men and women. It doesn’t matter who- either family close friends or random strangers. She sends pix, sexy nudes to lure them in. She scream, yell, even close fisted punch men and thinks that’s ok. Never takes any accountability for her wrongs. Only when the bi-polar is going the other way. She lies, makes up a victim role. And can’t help herself. It’s her nature as a bi-polar promiscuous flirty girl looking for attention and is very attractive. She should just stop hurting ppl and become an escort n sell her ass instead of her lies. She’s lost the trust of all her family and that includes the people closer than blood. She is a mess n your heart will break for her. That’s when she has you…. But get her off the door. On her meds. And out of her bed cause she takes about 100 sleeping pills every 3-4 weeks. As I was saying, get her stable. And she’s an amazing woman. So talented in so many ways. But completely incapable of holding onto that stability emotionally. So be ready for the cruelest, cutest, cuddly little thing with the sweetest voice dancing moves most women would die for. And eyes that take talk to you. She’s been to treatment several times in the past 2 years. With no success. It’s so sad. But she will bring you down….. stay away from CJ. Take my word for it….

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  1. Chicks RuleApril 6, 2018 at 1:16 AM

    So disgusted at the people that go on these sites and belitttle another, I watched this lady suffer cruelty like I have never seen. So before you go online and make remarks about any human think long, and hard about what you are possibly doin to the soul of the already wounded, why do some gain pleasure in tearing down another?? We are ALL flawed, There is no such thing as degree of flawed, but there is such thing as degree of empathy. Try being compassionate.

  2. ToolippyMarch 21, 2018 at 8:24 PM

    Just curious if this was written by the girl it’s about considering the terrible grammar and need to trash her and talk her up in the same blast

  3. MeNovember 19, 2017 at 2:49 PM

    This goof that put this up jabs needles in his arm and I wouldn’t be with him so he decided to make up a bunch of bs to try and hurt me and guess what, it did. 42 year old man getting head from guys from back page is passing judgement and making up bs out of hurt and anger. Got me good Sean. Now I’m about to get you better

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