Wifebeater — Matt Kendell

Wifebeater — Matt Kendell

THE DIRTY ARMY: He beats women and forces himself on them after they have been told no. He doesn’t listen to anyone and will take you for everything you have. I’ve seen tons of sh1t on what hes done to women in the past and its frightening.. take care of your women and watch out for the others. He will lie and steal till he gets what he wants. Hes not friend material let alone relationship material so be very careful… he used to be a friend of mine till he started verbally abusing his gf in my house. his now ex gf has also told me that he did in fact pin her down and forced himself on her all while she was kicking and screaming for him to stop. Hes beaten past gfs and has almost killed one of them.



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  1. KaylaSeptember 24, 2018 at 10:04 AM

    I’d rather get stabbed in the face then date anyone that looked like this like really he is so ugly moles all over his face huge a55 glasses greasy hair this is a pathetic excuse for the male species

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