Lying,Cheating B*stard, Narcissistic A**hole – Neil Gunther

Lying,Cheating B*stard, Narcissistic A**hole – Neil Gunther

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This guy is a lying using b*stard. Met him in 2016..he was charming and nice…but watch out..he is a NARCISSISTIC a**hole. Bullsh1t story that he was a roofer…and his roomate was also he had to move. Helped him out with rides because I am nice. Too nice….then he was starving..helped him with abit of money. Guess i should have noticed a bad.  He lied about being broke etc etc ..sniffing crack..drinking etc..and apparently he only had one ball..but that came later on…Got pregnant and told him. He is a pos 100%..ran off and told me to abort…I didnt…thanks to him I have a beautiful boy. And he will never meet him..or be part of his life. His loss…f*ck you Neil Gunther..cant wait till you’re gone…ill get ya!

— D.A. what did I tell you? Never known an honest roofer in my life.

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  1. MissBlueEyesMay 18, 2018 at 12:42 AM

    Can anybody please explain to me as to why nobody can form a proper sentence that makes sense anymore? What the hell has happened to proper placements of a period or a comma. Dear Lord it’s just awful to have to read through someone’s poor grammar skills. Instead of worrying about this douche bucket, you should take up middle school language arts!!!!

    • TonyOctober 10, 2018 at 10:03 AM

      We are all totally did last night Michelle peener you’re a dirty disgusting horror can’t believe you actually let somebody do you with a candle you’re nasty why don’t you get a life or go get your herpes problem checked out that you got from Nick timm you ugly little skank

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