Randy Wilson — Dirty, head, fuk boy

Randy Wilson — Dirty, head, fuk boy

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Brady Wilson, ladies take caution he will manipulate you into bed just to give you drds without telling you. He will make you feel like the only girl in his world but your not. Lock up your medicine cabinets and your go to drugs cause he will steal them. Randy will also use you for his daily need. Randy believes he can see ghosts in mattresses and watch out he might accuse you of fuking it as well. He is the everyday tweaked and keep your wallets shut he will rob you blind! This goof will fuk with your head to the point that you think your crazy. He has no friends, and will be your friend for everything that you have. This low life piece of shit will waste your time and cannot keep a job. He will use any drug under the sun. He loves his drugs.. And his sparkly meth. Loser!! Just don’t do it girls. Not to mention his tiny narsty Iggy bitty short dick will totally not rock your world. Guys lock up your wives and mother’s definitley keep your daughters under lock and key. He will blame you for his fuked up shit and make you believe it!


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  1. MeohOctober 31, 2018 at 11:12 PM

    Ive known this guy since highschool an he just always has excusses. Even wen he wasnt an addict. Trust me….i lived with him an everything. He robbed me. An made me pay all the rent. An this was while he was sober. An he spead awful mean lies about me an his ex gf shae who is actually didnt desver what happened to her

  2. really?August 9, 2018 at 12:55 AM

    I met this guy at the hospital, he had o.ded on down and been brought back up with Narcan. we talked for hours as we were assigned the same room, this was days ago, he was really honest about his life and how he has no friends but crazy girls latch to him, he was a sweet caring guy who has an addiction problem. he seemed so sober when we talked. I felt really bad seeing him there apparently he has been to rehab 9 times,. I don’t think he is a dirty person or a scum loser. I truly pitty him because he really is just an addict and im so sad to see him here

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