Dirty As f*** — Dustin Asapace

Dirty As f*** — Dustin Asapace

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dustin Asapace seems to think he is invisible. Goes around acting like a gangster but is a class A loser. Dustin is the type of dirty to message a girl and ask before ever meeting her if he can f*** you without a condom knowing very well he has DRD. I’ve recently found out he gave me DRDs. Either came from his 50yr old cougar who thinks she some kinda gangster but In all reality they are both a laugh and a half. So girls if you have spent time with this dude lately I would get your self tested cuz I know for a fact he still hasn’t been treated for his DRD. He has a poor woman to who he likes to call his wife who hasn’t a clue in the world the half of it. Sad that she always believes his lies

–OP sounds like you fell for the dirty message. That’s weak


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  1. AnonymousAugust 19, 2018 at 11:42 AM

    Dustin is a master at manipulation he seems like a nice person but thats an act till he gets what he wants from you or you have nothing left to offer him he will beat you and have no remorse in his words at least your not all black n blue i have had plenty of broken bones over the years i blame myself to i witness walking in on him choking out his ex gf when i first met him i should have recognized the signs one a woman beater always a woman beater

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