Joey-lynn Morris — Stop it

Joey-lynn Morris — Stop it

THE DIRTY ARMY: Desperate psycho over a man that creeps in bed with every snatch he can. She acts all surprised when she catches him in the act and proceeds to call everyone down yet this b1tch is over there taking him back everytime. Like how does all that poon taste joey? You wanna b1tch about it on fb or to whoever will listen but you knew who he was when you chased him either accept it and shut the fuk up or leave. Trying to beef with everyone yet you crawl back to him yeah you got kids but he has kids with 5 other women too your the only dumb cvnt to keep him around did you think he would change for you? Suppose it was love? Lol you were different? Sakes as if you go around acting all in love and hes this and that when your out there trying to call people out for him crawling in bed. Dummy up. You act all innocent too like you haven’t been snorting pepsi and drinking until the sun comes up watch your kids how about or is it mom.of the year? Whatever it may be get it together your making yourself look stupid. I’m telling you what your friends and family wont lol

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  1. FahQAugust 31, 2018 at 7:15 PM

    I’m so tired of the posts on this site putting those down that are being cheated on. Usually it’s a post by one of the skanks he cheated with, who think it’s funny. Because they’re equally immorality. So go crawl under a rock poster. Being serialy cheated on is hard enough to deal with, so shut your smelly gap and dummy the f*** up. Maybe post the actual cheater since he’s the one who’s actions are dispicable.