Nicholas Fuchs Biggest Dochebag of Regina

Nicholas Fuchs Biggest Dochebag of Regina

THE DIRTY ARMY: sick, twisted individuals name is Nick aka Nicholas Fuchs of Regina. He is a regular on many online dating sites, especially plenty of fish. This individual is the biggest fuckboy of all of regina. He is a pathological liar, who will say and do anything to get what he wants. He is a sociopath with little to no feelings of remorse for any thing that he says or does. He will screw you over time and time again. And then try to turn it into a pity party for himself. He knows how to be very convincing, Don’t let his crocodile tears fool you. It is all just a show to help him fulfill his perverse agenda. This guy does not know what he wants or even if he prefers women or men. I can confirm he had a sexual relationship with a transvestite. He told me himself. So ladies be warned..he swings both ways no matter what he says. He likes to lie and make himself out to be a victim, even though everything he ever does is 110% his own decision. I believe he only pretends to like women for fear of being criticized. He asked me if I would date him but allow other guys to fuk me, with that arrangement stretching over a long term basis. He is into a lot of messed up stuff. He has no patience and will pressure you for sexual favors the moment he is alone with you, even when you say no. Anybody who gets involved with this guy should be warned. Do not take anything he says seriously. He is full of empty promises. He will continually let you down and kick you when your down. He ie a mamas boy who can barely take care of himself and he certainly wont take care of you. ladies BE WARNED!!

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  1. HahahahaDecember 11, 2018 at 7:18 PM

    Um I’m pretty sure this guy got busted for CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

    so yeah.

  2. OPNovember 2, 2018 at 8:04 PM

    I wrote this post out of spite and anger. I am regretful as I am know the effects online bullying causes, and this was a VERY weak moment for me. I asked to have this post removed. One thing I can say for sure is that nick has changed and I ask anybody seeing this to know, this was written by a very hurt and upset woman..Whether any of the things written here may, or may not be true, is not up to anybody here to decide. Leave nick alone, and allow him to live his life, please and thank you!