Cheating drug using leech money boyfriend

Cheating drug using leech money boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Travis McColl not only a xanax user he uses many drugs .. and on top of that a women beater .. he would leave Navi (his gf) in the car crying and go suck ass to other girls because of their body … Travis while being with this girl and using her as a sugar momma he had cheated on her three times .. once with his ex and she found out and persuade her to stay .. but today I got a hold of her phone and I had saw these between her and her ex now .. he never put her out to public because he would hit on other girls .. and when I was able to have access to her Snapchat and I had saw this he is the type to say stuff to girls which is saying stuff they wanna hear and what not but never showing them off because of his other girls .. he leeches off girls for money lol he had done that before with other girls isn’t the first time reason why he had first moved out of Vancouver than cane back two years later living in Richmond too find his next target who he can use and also abuse mentally and physically .. and leeches money off them and what not in the screen shot one girl had called him hot he ended up adding her on sc and saving her nudes … which is illegal because Ashley hurln is 14 and he’s 21 .. creepy pedophile right there and the next girl he hit on her and made out with her and than went to see his ex the next day … thirdly but lastly the hayer character .. acted rowdy but made strong points girlfriend should’ve questioned him not her because he didn’t atop anything he let it happen … he would send shirtless pictures to the girls after the gym and make them suck him off because he’s so hot when he’s not .. like boy don’t walk around with your dick in your hands 24/7 get a job and work instead of leeching off girls and what not .. as soon as his sympathy cry doesn’t work he breaks up changes his number and blocks the girl and moves on to the next .. that’s his cycle please don’t be a fool by listening to what he says nik please put his true colours out there ..

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  1. NaveeApril 7, 2018 at 2:31 PM

    Navreet Bains is a psycho bitch that this dude dumped and using this sight to vent out her anger. Her trifling ass needs all the worlds top professional doctors to help this mental case! I feel bad for her family!