Travis McColl of Richmond

Travis McColl of Richmond

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Travis McColl says he’s the sweetheart but he isn’t. Valls him self a gentleman when he never truly was. He talks to so many girls like girl after girl while he had a girlfriend as well. He’s cheated but denies it and the girls never seem to see it. He’s a major flirt. Anything with a pu**y, Travis’s is up on it .. he yells and doesn’t treat girls right. He deserves to be put on blast. He’s a discrimination to the word gentleman. He’s on tinder now trying to get girls while already talking to numerous girls including his very own ex. Please put him on blast for all the girls he’s playing games with. They need to be able to see the real him! Especially his ex.

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  1. abruthaFebruary 23, 2018 at 3:59 PM

    Ya know what’s really a disgrace Nik…the girls that follow guys around like a dog in heat bitch be like he ain’t no good but my brain doesn’t work so imma spread my legs for anyone. Get some self respect get some class and get some birth control pills. bitches trying to rope any guy they can then lying to the world trynna cover their Sorry slut asses.sounding like a rejected thot to me