Travis McColl — Sleeps with his own cousins

Travis McColl — Sleeps with his own cousins

THE DIRTY ARMY: Travis McColl attends JIBC in new west minister to be a police officer. He already has posts on this site which I’m not so surprised about him and his sister both do in fact . But Travis Mccoll sleeps not only with strippers and does Xanax and what not but sleeps with his very own cousins , this guy can no morals what’s so ever but I guess we learn from the environment we grew up in . Travis is going to be protecting our streets and us or will he be the one sleeping with people off the streets . Is this a man we want to protect and serve ? A drug addict who abuses women as well in fact ? Nick this man deserves to have the truth spilled about him if you see him or future references want to date him make sure you get him tested for any drds coz I’m sure he’s got plenty . And if you want a dude to leech off you he’s the one . He bounces on and off dating sites like it’s nothing even goes for girls years younger than him and threatens to tell people they sent him pictures . He’s a pedo

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  1. Navster bNovember 5, 2018 at 10:32 AM

    Honestly speaking as an ex , nothing of these posts are the real Travis . He isn’t any of those things mentioned above and for sure he doesn’t sleep with his cousins he loves and respects them so much . He’s a family orientated guy nothing beyond that , these are false accusations on his character and morals

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