Hoe bag -Yuriko Sahota-Rajuski

Hoe bag -Yuriko Sahota-Rajuski

THE DIRTY ARMY:  The gossip is, Nick this Yuriko b1tch has already been put on the dirty.com yet she continues to use vodoo to hurt other people, she even tried gunning and killing someone over the fact that her dirty husband left her after he raped another girl. She kidnapped some girls kids and put a gun to her head while using these words “keep shooting her until she signs the contract” – this pepsi hooker ketamine addicted whore needs to shut the f*ck up and go to prison, the b1tch is a coward who needs to [redacted] like a real Japenesse boss would, but clearly she thinks shes full white to be throwing the word “ni**er” around with her floozy mother. She not only did those things, but tried becoming a hooker-doctor which is good for her, but she goes and kills innocent people in mental health. the poor b1tch is in a wheel chair cause she is smoking crack, needs to do a blood test with her apparent children that aren’t even hers, she kidnapped her non-husbands baby, used magic, and even killed this girls fiance cause she thought it was her real husband yeah confusing? let me break it down Yuriko used magic on this girl, to find her own husband [ofthe girl] to keep his money, by killing her and ressurecting from magic because GOD IS GOOD, she released her, after this girl got engaged to someone else, and was pregnant Yuriko got jealous and beat her up while she was pregnant, even took the twin babies trying to get married to the kids father, but hes like dead or something. she ends up dumping the rapist who tried having a baby with this girl, but he BNE’d the house cause hes a f*cking hooker lover we all know homewreckers, shes the biggest ketamine sniffing hoe bag…….. please expose this b1tch for who she is. thank you.

— OP – Magic?


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