Kenneth Randall of Sarnia

Kenneth Randall of Sarnia

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we matched on tinder and Kenneth Randall picked me up for our first hang out. Brought me back to his place. Motel he was staying at cause his previous plans didn’t work out. Red flag number one, but I ignored because he was cute and nice and making me laugh. We had a great first night and he asked me back to hang out the next day and from then on we were hanging out. Things were good and we got to know each other and he made it clear to me he didn’t want a relationship and he wanted to play house for a while, red flag number two. I was fine with nothing serious. Things went on fine.

Things started going south when he met one of my best friends. He got pretty upset with me that I had talked to her about being upset with him about something and not coming to him first. He then got a pretty stupid mouth and said some things that changed the way I started to feel about him.

Needless to say, things got worse from there for us ever being a serious thing. We remained friends and he ran into some money trouble so I helped him out when I could. Both of us being a probably the lowest points in out short adult lives. He had had enough of the city of Windsor and decided to move back to Sarnia. We had alreaady talked about the money that he owed cause he borrowed more to move back home with. And he was moving back to find a good job, which he did. He always said that he’d pay me back even if he did end up moving back home (I have text to prove).

He told me he makes $45 and hour and has been working for months and has extra money to spend after getting insurance for his car. Bought himself new beats headphones and got his laptop fixed. I asked him if he could send me money the other night cause I was sick this week and didnt work (I waitress at a resturant, it’s new and not busy in anyway, not walking out with mad money here just fyi) and he sent me $20 and I forgot about my monthly service fees so account was in negative so I asked if he could send more so that I could take out $20. Called me shady and told me that his only priority right now is him. THIS MF is trying not to pay me.

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