Lori Kirkland — This Slootty Old Hag Works At The Bmc Clinic Yet Takes Meds For Being Crazy Herself!

Lori Kirkland — This Slootty Old Hag Works At The Bmc Clinic Yet Takes Meds For Being Crazy Herself!

THE DIRTY ARMY: This old hag here works at the sarnias famous bmc clinic, she targets people and breaches confidentiality daily. Not too mention is crazy as fuk herself (she has to take meds for) but she doesn’t, instead she enjoys living in point Edward and likes being a little sloot fuking the whole village her favourite steeve ash who caused her divorce (poor kids) but yes keep her working at a place that’s suppose too help people! Not to mention she’s actually beyond ignorant! So be careful of this ratty old used up ladies she will fuk your husbands! And since both of her daughters are so incompetent they go to their mommy for everything, so be careful she will take it on minors and your kids too! Be aware of her and Know if your going too the bmc, this ladie will tell everyone everything, she should deffently not be trusted! But remember don’t forget too take your meds Lori, don’t know how your giving other people eds when your on them yourself (she steals ppls meds as well) used up wash ed up rude old lady!


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  1. People need a lifeSeptember 7, 2018 at 7:09 AM

    For anyone that cannot read between the lines here I’m going to spell it out for you pretty clearly..
    For someone to take the time to post something like this about a woman and her daughter goes beyond tasteless, cruel and a utter lack of any moral/social values it has a detrimental effect on their lives and I would assume that any mother could piece together the pain a PARENT would feel to know that their child is being targeted because of your job description at your place of employment would cause effects on your emotional state. I would hope that people are sensible enough to know the BMC is the methadone clinic which I personally have attended for years in order to aid in my recovery. Every appointment I’ve attended I’ve seen her in her office and said hello.. I’ve never been caught trying to leave a fake sample THEREFORE I’ve had very limited interaction with her. If you have had interactions with her in a negative way it’s because you got caught trying to pass your drug test with fake pee.. so going on that bit of info we can probably start to see that this petty, discusting piece of hatred was most likely posted by someone who got caught having drugs in their system because this woman did her job. Say she didn’t do her job properly?? She allowed people to sample with fake urine to pass a drug test to pick up methadone and they are already high? .. they die .. but don’t worry because chances r someone around them would have a Naloxone kit on them. The Naloxone kits that are funded and distributed by the clinic to save people’s lives when they become so engulfed in their addiction that they overdose. It’s terrible that the people running this website would be so willing to post an EVIDENT ATTACK AGAINST AN EMPLOYEE AT A CLINIC THAT SAVES PEOPLES LIVES!!
    this entire site could have a good purpose behind it if they were spreading any form of truth that would prevent other people from say catching HIV OR BEING RAPED OR AGAINST CHILD ABUSERS OR PEDOPHILES..
    But no.. you use it to cause trauma to other people because of personal disputes that lack any and all validation..
    TO the poster
    It’s unfortunate that you were caught trying to get away with using fake urine to pass a drug test so u could get methadone to take on top of whatever you’d already done. I hope you seek the help you need. You seem angry and unable to distinguish between your friends and your enemies. You see the people trying to save your life.. the people who go to work every day trying to end the deaths in our city.. those people are not there to ENABLE ADDICTS TO USE UNTIL THEY DIE.. they are there to guide you. Your enemies are actually the people your calling babe n bro. The people selling u dope. Those people will give u the drugs that take your life and when u start to fade they will leave u alone to die. Do yourself the favor of getting some help, some councilling for your misplaced rage. All I know is I fear my children’s future in a world of people like yourself!

  2. LilfaceAugust 28, 2018 at 1:13 PM

    She is the rudest nurse at that pharmacy something must be done

    • RealmatureAugust 30, 2018 at 9:02 AM

      She isn’t a nurse and doesn’t work at the pharmacy. Shows what you know. People needs to get their FACTS straight. Growing up is sometimes hard to do isn’t it.

  3. HeyheyAugust 28, 2018 at 1:13 PM

    Ugh this lady is the worst should not be working there!!

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