Low Life Bar Star — Amber Chegus

Low Life Bar Star — Amber Chegus

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amber Chegus sleaze bag….This fugly home wrecker right here has no shame. Goes around with whoever will pay attention to her, married? That’s ok, she will meet your girl and still hit you up to go f*ck her. Drunk easy slore is all she is. Thinks its funny that my now deadbeat sperm donor would leave his new born son and his family to go be a drunk druggie with this ugly piece of sh1t. Ladies, if you see her anywhere near your man and they take her bait, you don’t need his sorry ass if he gonna stoop that low.

–Her armpit will give me nightmares 


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  1. WonderJune 15, 2018 at 10:25 PM

    Lmao really Patricia get it right the attention seeking slore is who now lmao so who left who when he was at work lmao

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