Becky Mcdonald — Bex Raccoon McDonald Biggest Piece Of Garbage On Earth

Becky Mcdonald — Bex Raccoon McDonald Biggest Piece Of Garbage On Earth

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this thing has more posts on Google than any other piece of garbage on the net and for a good reason at 37 years old she is screwed over more people then the Canadian government ever has She is an extortionist a thief a liar a cheater a user manipulator prostitute she’s a police informant welfare manipulator the list goes on and on I recently heard that you got some poor guy to marry her and she took him to the cleaners I really feel for that poor guy even though he was warned he’s still stuck by her and thought he could help her change what a moron nothing will ever change this piece of garbage she steals from everyone even her own family has disowned her she has two kids she’ll never see and they don’t want to see her she lives with some old man old bill that everyone sure she sleeps with cuz she sure don’t pay him nothing and never has in all the years I’ve known her she goes from guy to guy spread your legs winning them over then she put their hands in their pockets and their belongings and do the IDS Goetz Credit Cards things put in her name or their name and hasn’t sent to Bill address it’s a game who can pay for poor little Becky horny dumb men that want I really sweet DRD or from what I heard now she’s carrying DRD and isn’t afraid to spread it not only Saskatoon but the world should know about this piece of garbage posted everywhere for everyone to see sh1t should be and be on the news this nutcase is a thief loves to steal copper with her little buddies calling and Larry human report little drug dealer she calms and rips off even heard she’s done a Crime Stoppers to get him caught cuz she was with another guy Rick and he gave her a better deal but anyway you look at this person all you see is bad no matter what anyone ever says there is nothing good about this woman meth head drug addict alcoholic run do not trust this thing shit she sets in Canadian Tire and Walmart Dollarama switching tags ripping people off is another one of her big scams so all you horny old man out there you’re better off to get a street girl and even touch his scuzzbag cuz she will rob you blind

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  1. RICHNovember 12, 2018 at 12:13 AM

    Ratbecca Mcdonald my bisch that’s right see you on a steel drugs you want to get on your knees open your mouth and say ahh for my Supply you love taking it you’re such a street-level piece of garbage you suck a mean one but that’s what all you’re good at prefer a little piece of jib I’ll take it you’ve been swollen my load for so long you probably can’t get the taste out of your mouth no matter what you do I gave you a truck I gave you a job and you ratted me out to the cops and got me busted I’m going to do the same turn for you you and your little boyfriends are going to see guess what I can do you ripped me off for the last time we’re all going to come the bill Schmitz and pay you a visit you trying to involve your crazy old old man he’s got to protect you will get to him before you do

  2. BigbadbillNovember 8, 2018 at 3:20 PM

    Big bad Rebecca so your back in the Limelight in the Limelight where you love to be your nothing but I’m worn out has been wannabe you and your little thief friends stealing copper going to cash in on the big bucks can you and Colin Johnson Larry Jensen get caught for stealing copper are you charged with if I believe and if story reminds me correctly you also write it on them got them put in jail your boyfriend calling you ratted on so you can sleep with his brother Larry all we all know the words of Rebecca McDonald we all know you’re under the cops and ride everybody out we have all the info we need on you we follow you we know you and you’re out there selling your a55 for a pack of smokes you should be quiet deal with loose juice diseased riddled old skank that you are your were out your face looks like a vacuum cleaner suck the life out of you give me a ripped me off for six grand and we may have battled but your worst battle is your own life and what you do you deserve you deserve the worst you deserve to be in Oblivion forever could even hell would want a piece of crap like you

  3. The JokerOctober 5, 2018 at 9:29 AM

    I see that RatBecca has a new victim to add to her long list of men that she has pilfered. McDonald went to extreme lengths, this time, if the op is accurate, by marrying the guy. Yet, she still lives with the old guy, William. Somethings change, somethings do not. It wasn’t as if the new victim wasn’t warned, repeatedly, but RatBecca is anything but determined when she finds a new guy with good credit. It starts slow, a Canadian Tire card, maybe a Visa, an online gambling account, the next thing is an entire new person—name only–living at William’s place–getting loads of mail. Then comes the blackmail and death threats. What kind of animal can do this? And, in such a small city? When will this end? Becky McDonald, shame on you. Still packing heat everywhere you go?