Big Time Player Nerus Nwoko of Saskatoon

Big Time Player Nerus Nwoko of Saskatoon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies please run the other way when you see this player Nerus Nwoko coming. He will use and abuse you for everything you have. He did it to me and countless other women. He uses his charm and wit- not to mention his good looks- to manipulate you into supporting him. He’s from Nigeria and supposed to be attending university. But instead he meets women sells drugs for profit. Anything for that quick buck. He will tell you you’re the most beautiful woman he’s ever met and you’re his queen his everything. He’ll even make you believe you two have a future together. I’ve talked to some of his exes and he told them all the same things. Do not fall for his lies!! He sleeps with anything. And I mean anything. The grossest trashiest pieces of dirt there is just for his own selfish gain. He refuses to wear a condom. I ended up with DRD during our relationship. He is dirty and disgusting. Willing to do anything sexually. I’ve been played before but this guy takes the cake. Everything seems great and then bam he’s leaving you for his next income source. Dont let him do this to you too!

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  1. QueerpounderJanuary 5, 2018 at 9:03 AM

    Whats up with those eyes ? Staring to hard at the gregs going his mouth ?