Blair Pilon — Liar Druggie Cheater And Sicko

Blair Pilon — Liar Druggie Cheater And Sicko

THE DIRTY ARMY: Blair Pilon here is a resident jib head and bicycle in Prince Albert and Saskatoon he is a notorious and pathological liar that lies straight faced. Claims he’s sober but he’s not just look at him. He cheats in all his relationships. He is also a known predator based off his young offender past against multiple minors. This sick fuk never learned his lesson and can be found prowling all hook up sites seeking unprotected sex with anyone and everyone. He dates underage boys and when he was a teenager his moms native boyfriend was banging him behind his mommy dearests back. Get a load of this sick fuk!!! Gross liar and ugly person you were warned

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  1. LolOctober 14, 2018 at 7:37 PM

    You can just tell its Nathan who posted this lol

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