Brayden Leslie – Biggest Player of Weyburn and Saskatoon

Brayden Leslie – Biggest Player of Weyburn and Saskatoon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone meet Brayden Leslie of Weyburn and Saskatoon. Also known as “ Chow”. He comes across as a sincere and caring person but will throw you to the curb because he can’t handle being in a relationship. Let me tell you that he has fuked most of the girls on the Saskatoon Rush dance team. He would even lay beside me in bed at night texting dirty things to girls from back home. Which is one of the reasons he never goes home…because there is way to much drama from all the girls he has fuked. Or stay up late in another room sending pictures of himself to girls he meets at bars. He thinks he is so hot because he is covered in tattoos and plays hockey. When really he is just full of himself. We used to live together and he couldn’t stand me not having sex with him everyday. Honestly not everyone likes fucking someone with a tiny d1ck all the time. I hope the next girl he fuks realizes what they are getting into. He will be over you and screwing your friends with in days but of course will tell you that he “loves” you.

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  1. ......August 24, 2018 at 5:00 PM

    This girl needs to move on! That does not sound like chow at all.