Colin Ray Janzen — Incest drd Thief liar drug addict loser bum

Colin Ray Janzen — Incest drd Thief liar drug addict loser bum

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mr Nik and saskatoon meet Mr COLIN RAY JANZEN this despicable pile of walking trash mid-forties lives with his mommy and daddy to this day he just can’t seem to pull his mouth off mommy’s nipple Ir a long time yes Colin used me lie to me stole from me and gave me DRDs and in time so did Larry but this isn’t about Larry Collin beat me up had to press charges got him thrown in jail I promised him I’d be there for him but I was seeing other men behind his back and rightfully so I deserve better I deserve to be treated with respect and worship the ground I walk on Colin Larry and I steal copper we love to go out and rip off businesses all over the area stealing whatever we can and then taking it to Inland steel we’re Colin has a connection only split the money but they ripped me off Colin has a daughter that has a child word has it is the child is his Colin is a heavy meth user always has meth on him and that’s why they steal copper and rip stuff off at their dad’s Farm Stan Janzen there’s a shed full of stolen things but please never look ratted them out but they don’t do anything about it cops are just goofs Colin likes d1ck too and sell off garbage meth not even enough to get you high it is garbage he’ll rip anybody off I finally just had enough I need to post this for everyone to know so if you see a older little black Chevy blazer in your yard or your area it’ll be Colin and Larry scoping out the area looking for something to rip off this pair of goofs to live with her mommy and daddy out in Beavercreek are the worst pair of individuals to walk around Saskatoon so beware Saskatoon beware

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  1. Becky McDonaldDecember 8, 2018 at 9:34 PM

    Yet another posting by Becky McDonald. This time on her on-again–off-again boyfriend and partner in crime. Last I heard was that Collin was supplying Becky with Cyanide to murder someone Becky McDonald is obsessed about. Funny how Ratbecca turns on everyone in her life, even those who are complicit in attempted murder.

  2. Walking byNovember 26, 2018 at 8:39 AM

    Your post makes no sense maybe you too need to lay off the meth or go back to school