Courtney Semaganis — Courtney The Side Peice Semaganis

Courtney Semaganis — Courtney The Side Peice Semaganis

THE DIRTY ARMY: K so this scrummy dumb jib out broad loves to be the side peice, she’s a peice of trash who only thinks of herself, she was willing to be the side peice and didn’t care about the other person who was involved, as she was hooking up with my friends baby daddy knowing he was cheating on her and didn’t have the balls to tell him off but went along with his sob story & creeped into his pants, then has the nerve to message his baby momma saying how much better she was and whatever else ah jokes on her because why was he all up in her call list begging for her back, she needs to check herself as she passes DRDs around and has how many kids but watches none of her kids but instead is chasing young d1ck and the drugs, like girl keep yeah legs closed you low life, hanging with kids who are way far off in age, clearly she can’t get d1ck around her age so she’s gotta pay these kids off to get some, also loves to flail out as when she does she looks like she’s looking for bugs in her hair ahaha fuk just nasty as fuk, but yeah dudes watch out for this low life dumb prick, if you got young men/boys keep then close by because she will do whatever to get a piece of a55, someone had to expose this person who is nothing but trash.

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  1. TssOctober 24, 2018 at 3:07 PM

    This girl passed away in march

  2. LOLAugust 28, 2018 at 1:04 AM

    All the semaganis bitches are dirty sluts

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