derek salchert — the best worst thing

derek salchert — the best worst thing

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this guy Derek really seems like a dream come true he smokes on and says everything you want to hear makes me feel like a million bucks Moves In makes me believe that his three daughters are the most important things to him truth is she doesn’t give a shit about his daughters his daughters are with an ex-girlfriend of his that he uses for a place to sleep when he needs he leaves his daughters they’re just so the day has the connection to the place never sees his daughter barely and he doesn’t work while you go to work I’ll turn around and Rob your house and sell it for drugs I also mention he’s a major cheater the guys 37 years old I was sleeping with a 19 year old cheated on his 35 year old girlfriend with her

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  1. Super hostage takerMarch 17, 2019 at 7:57 AM

    Did they all kidnapped you too lol