Destiny Rockthunder — Cleptomaniac MethHead

Destiny Rockthunder — Cleptomaniac MethHead

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little Street rat goes around stealing from bussinesses, her family, friends and children, to feed her meth and pill habbit. She goes begging to stay places and ends up causing trouble and stealing. Non of her family members dont want anything to do with her, she grew up being constantly thrown out from her mother, unwanted trouble maker. She is a little stink slore, she likes to bother anything with balls, she is pregnant and ditched, homeless, has no means or motivation to look after the kids she already has. She is a unemployed, drug addicted jail bird. She looks like a leprechaun with all her wrinkles. Boney biotch will be falling through her meth arse soon. She carries DRD’s so be careful guys if she starts begging to get into your gotchies. She can smell up a whole house with her fishy middle. Watch your sh1t around her because it will vanish into her veins and lungs. Pill head junkie.

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  1. AlexNovember 30, 2018 at 10:06 PM

    Must have got someone mad. Over the years her antics have earned her a bad rep looks like this time she took it too far. ha ha ha

  2. JaceNovember 6, 2018 at 11:33 PM

    Wow destiny is on here yeah she’s a troublemaker those once close to her figured this out for a long time she was hooking in Saskatoon to feed her crack habit real rank broad even at parties lol I even seen it with my own eyes