Destiny Rockthunder — Meth Head Clepto-Maniac

Destiny Rockthunder — Meth Head Clepto-Maniac

THE DIRTY ARMY: This little skinny b1tch is pregnant and ditched. She goes around begging and stealing, she steals off of all her friends, family & her own children. She is a jailbird, goes to jail for stealing from bussinesses, her own family wants nothing to do with her. She does drugs and will do anything for it, she is so boney from all her meth that she looks like she is going to fall through her gross infested a55, she doesnt keep any of her kids and she is pregnant and ditched like a little mut, she carries DRDs and she has DRD, she is a pathological liar and is basically a hobo begging. She is an ugly chick and gets passed around from anyone she can get her hands on, Only the lowest men are willing to touch her. She makes up lies about everyone in her life, she cant maintain friends or relationships, unemployed, poor, drug addicts, pregnant of a unwanted baby. Trashy little rez cunt.

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  1. JaceNovember 9, 2018 at 5:24 PM

    Wow she’s on here again destiny what did you do and to end up on here twice lol must have got someone really mad

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