Heads up about Little Bum Baby products!

Heads up about Little Bum Baby products!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Madison Parsons. Co-owner of Little Bum Baby Products. She makes- sorry no. She doesn’t make anything. Her husband does. He is the man behind the scenes. He is the one who makes it all. He is rarely ever advertised and she takes all the credit. She had a photo on her website of their family and of course she is front and centre with her poor husband and daughter practically cut out. I’ll post the picture she had posted and crop out the little sliver of her child that is showing in the picture. Funny how she has no problem posting her child’s face on the Facebook page but on her website it was cropped out to be just her. Self centered much?

Anyways, I decided to give her product a try as I love natural products. I bought the lip balm, belly butter, diaper cream, teething gel, lotion, sun lotion and soothing balm all around the same time. Now I’ll give credit to the soothing balm, it worked good as a Vaseline type use. However, the lip balm gave my child irritation and sores. So we discontinued. Next we tried the teething gel. I gave it 3 times on separate occasions and each time, my child threw up every time I gave it. So again, discontinued use. I tried the sun lotion and my children all still burned within 10 minutes of outdoor play. Next I used the lotion I tried for dry skin after I shower. It felt as if I rubbed oil all over. I think it’s coconut oil based so ok whatever. Well it did not help at all, skin was still dry but the appearance looked better than what it was, but my skin felt so gross and dry and greasy. I started to think maybe the pictures weren’t “real” results and instead just a quick cover up to get a sale.

I decided to try out the belly butter and diaper cream on my child and see if I get any results. WORST MISTAKE EVER!! It made my whole belly red everywhere I applied the cream and the diaper cream gave my child such a red bum that I had to go ask the pharmacist what to do as my doctor was on holidays and I love and trust my pharmacist as it is. The pharmacist told me that often with natural products, if it’s not mixed right or certain ingredients aren’t melted down right, you can get almost like a chemical burn happen, which we were seeing. We were prescribed a lotion and that took it away within 2 days. I then messaged Madison and asked her how she tests her products. She said her husband is a scientist and tests it. So I asked how the sunscreen is tested, she replied stating her husband “tests it out with a light thingy” and “for the other lotions, I test them on myself and my daughter.” I started to tell her what was going on in which she replied “I’ve had no negative reviews.” I told her I’m just letting you know what happened in case others have the same experience and you can look in to it. She then replied “My product works wonders. It must be something else you are using.” Not even giving me a chance to let her know what was happening. Which I found odd as to why she was so quick to defend her product.

I assured her that I was not using anything different besides her product, I was very polite and was trying to be informative to her about her products adverse effects on my family. She then replied “LOL. Well my product is perfect.” And then I was banned from the page. I have recently found out I am not the only one who has had issues with her or her products. She bans the people who are having negative reactions and she lies and says her product is amazing and claims she’s had no complaints just so she can make a buck! Why risk your product harming people/babies?! Own up to a mistake and try to get to the bottom of it instead of pretending to be a know it all, ignoring concerns and banning people for your sales!


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  1. Cat womanNovember 27, 2017 at 12:31 PM

    I know Madison personally and if you seen the way she texts when you get on her bad side, this sounds like her. Her professional/friend side is much different. I know her daughter as well and yes her daughter can have reactions with Madison’s Products but her daughter is very sensitive. Depending on the rash, the flare up can get worse with the products or better, same with anything else. Madison can’t even get along with her own grandparents because she has a know it all attitude when you get on her bad side. I have no doubt this was in fact Madison replying but don’t agree with the bashing of her products as some things work for some and not others. Her product ingredients mixed with whatever detergent you’re using could cause a flare up for you. There can be many different factors To your reactions.

  2. WonderNovember 21, 2017 at 12:58 PM

    Lol. This looks so fake it’s not even funny. You’re just trashing someone’s business for no reason. First, I’ve tried these products and never had any adverse reactions. And I have very sensitive skin. Secondly, this sounds nothing like the way Madison talks. She would never use the word “thingy”. Next time you try to wreck someone’s business, think how you would feel if it was done to you.

    • Super mamaNovember 27, 2017 at 12:53 PM

      Hey wonder, I’ve asked her myself how she tests the sunscreen and she told me her husband is a scientist and tests it with a uv light thingy as well. So she does say it but I mean, in her defence, if she’s not the scientist and her husband does it, how would she know the actual process? I’ve tried the products personally as well and it doesn’t do anything for me unfortunately and made my eczema more itchy but my skin sucks.

  3. Satisfied userNovember 21, 2017 at 12:38 PM

    I personally do not believe this comment. I have personally used a number of products on both my self and my child and have never had any weird reactions. The fact that this person has had such a bad response to EVERY product they have tried, hmmm idk about that. Not to the extent they are claiming at least. As far as her saying her product is perfect I don’t believe she would say that. It’s easy enough to get a fake profile and trash someone’s reputation. Any encounters I’ve had with her or her husband have been positive and super helpful. My personal favourites are the vapour rub (worked better then anything) and the belly butter. I stopped using bio oil and love the way the belly butter makes my skin feel.

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