Jill Fensom – Be careful of this woman, pure evil

Jill Fensom – Be careful of this woman, pure evil

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Im not to write posts on the dirty but people need to be aware of this one she is down rignt dangerouse Jill Fensom is the most mamipulative dishounest women.I have ever met her favorite thing to do to someone.is gaslight them. But not just anyone she will look for someone with money but also a big heart cause a gaslighter can only do its thing if u got a heart she will start off by showing that she can be useful by doing things like cooking.and cleaning and telling u exactly what u want to hear but it will change to

only what she wants to hear and if u say anything else she will throw things at u like your mentally ill, or delusional and its a slow process of how she does it she’ll start off with little things like slightly insulting u and she’ll play it off as she is just an honest straight up person but what she is actually doing is trying to establish dominance and she can only do that by making u feel worse about yourself ..what she likes and others like her do is slowly but surly lower your confidence but only slowly cause do abruptly and. You’ll bounce out they like to keep u off balance to hide there true agenda they say things like u “never ” or u “always” they use absolute terms to heighten the the argument to makenit bigger then it is so they dont have seem weaker then u and believe me people like this arnt dumb this actually takes practice .. If you even so much as make a slight complaint she will make a bigger one about u and start throwing out insults like your dumb or stupid and if u disagree they will justify it by insulting u again what someone who is gaslighting is doing is trying to take your strengths and make u feel like they arnt your strengths so they can maintain control and keep u around to get what they. Want from u and tryst me they want any thing they can take this women will try and systematically break down your soul piece by piece and not even care like anyone else eventually u get fed up and tell them off if u ever do this instead of proving your point all u did was give them.ammo against u and itl will come up everytime u question anything about them.with Jill and I imagine. All gaslighters is they will always be the victem if they push u they will say things like it never happend or your delusional and this is were the real psychological warfare will start at this point they will use any ezcuse to f*ck with your day if u so happen to not take them out one cause your tired they will call u lazy and a liar and u will never live it down ubnever live down anything cause any slight f*ck up is big ammo for the future at some point u will know in your head that there lying but this is were your big heart and there victem card will come into play they will cry even maybe and tell u how tough there life is with Jill u will notice that’s she skitzo no joke has almost every symptom I bought her a cat at one pont she has recently heard a voice on qout “kill the kitten” and then now comes the give up or keep trucking part she will accuse of anything she can to keep u accupide cause she doesn’t want u to c what she’s actually doing u will notice Jill making excuses before u ask to “reassure u” bit if u do ask her to she will start really layingnit on you this women is physically violent and will tell u how she’s been abused by past men cause those men also know she is and are talking about so u don’t believe from them if u happen to catch wind when I was finnaly fed up with every kind of abuse one can inflict apon another Person but remember none of it happend cause delusional or mentally ill or sick in the head I booted her out it took to whole days till I could finnaly get her leave … On quote she said the first day” no its my home to u can’t make me leave u leave” and cureiouse from anyone else has she tried to cast a witch spell on anyone else who’s reading this before she said something about my soul getting eaten by demons from the inside out till I rott in damnation anyone want tell me what that even means ? Sorry got off topic .. She will say things like it’s your fault shes doesn’t know we’re to go and anything h can say to make u bleed from.the heart for her cause she needs someone stronger then her to keep going but needs you to have a big heart to feel bad for her so she isn’t left with nothing cause she always needs that crutch finnaly the next morning i thru her sh1t in the living room and she finnaly agreed to leave this was probably the first day I had control of this riduculs sh1t you will c more humane emotions cine out cause they know it but will still play the blame game to the gaslighting memo of victem cause now your evil or heartless and still the dilusilnal one tho cause anything. She did didn’t happen and you need help cause the usual put downs come out and u will litteraly debate about having to call police to have her removed cause she hasn’t left yet after all the insults don’t work on you she will start taking the thing shes done to u and say u did it to her cause that’s what narcissist do she will tell everyone u hit her and you have been terrible to her she had threatend to have me home invaded while she was packing so I told her what the end result will be this women is crazy she doesn’t care if she dies causr she wants to be prepared to have to amp it up she wants to live like a women but in a mans world if u arnt able to yell kids in bandanas to f*ck off dont be around this women or get near her finnaly her mom came and got her and she basically told her flip of who did what I couldnt even begin to state the sh1t that fly’s out of her mouth gaslighters will try and turn everyone around u against u even your best friends cause you gotta be the bad guy for her to feel good she feeds off misery of those who care … Dont think.your in the clear yet tho they will use your heart against you be prepared for them to call u and tell how weak they are and need u but also how right they are and wrong you are and your at fault for her being in a bad stch even tho she could just behave like a human being and not try and start fist fights with grown men now your getting to the end she will try and get a team ofbanyone she can once again she threatened to home invade me the last time talked to her remember they love it when u got good temper and know what will set it off and will play victim after threatening u cause what she did never happened cause its all a figment of your imagination cause your mentaly ill and she say things like I’m worried about u trust me she isn’t shes just to make herself to be the sane one in her way out and collect more people on her side cause gaslighters want them.to be the only one your comfortable around cause they want everyone to hate. You for coming to your senses remember they want u to feel like your crazy so you feel weak and think your weak so stick around even when your the only reason its being held together you can take a photo of them side by side to her face it will be identical.and she will tell u your delusional remember they want you tobhate yourself so they can enjoy the good life u had before them with out u to feel can have input if your like me tho and your stuburn and thick skind like me she’ll just get Angy at u at that point ubjjst laugh hounestly last night she alost had me think inwss the insane one but all good now I know this is long as hell but mist people just throw out insults on here but feel the Need to warm other men asap about her and with how it was broken down truly look into her eyes and focus unwill c pure evil right now she’s in her basment suit drinking heavily and smoking meth trust me boys don’t go near it she didtnt even have to work nothing can be enough for somone like that.

— OP quit whining and just penetrate her again already.     


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  1. Someone who caresFebruary 21, 2019 at 8:28 AM

    Miss you Jill. Hope to see you again someday. Take care of yourself

  2. LolAugust 7, 2018 at 4:09 AM

    That jill fensom sounds like a pretty crazy whore lmao thanks for the heads up

  3. BossAugust 1, 2018 at 9:17 PM

    C’mon chucky! You got better stories about Melissa Weatherbee than this!! Why did you cover up her name?

    • fahQSeptember 5, 2018 at 8:34 PM

      Melissa is a gross drug addict hoe

  4. WingnutJuly 26, 2018 at 6:59 PM

    Jill fensom is a nice girl… Who ever wrote this is dumbass

  5. who?July 16, 2018 at 1:27 AM

    The first photo is Melissa weatherbee, a huge wore and meth fiend

  6. That guyJune 19, 2018 at 12:57 PM

    I mean if you were just trying to help your not in the wrong clearly she’s crazy and has issues she needs to work out

  7. Mr.positiveJune 17, 2018 at 3:15 AM

    By the sounds of it you shouldn’t have bin a little bitch and ended it before it got that far

  8. BlueSinJune 12, 2018 at 8:17 PM

    I love this chick

    • fahQSeptember 5, 2018 at 8:35 PM

      Get ur d1ck check then lmao

  9. RodMay 30, 2018 at 1:06 AM

    I saw her on backpages

  10. cookie monsterMay 17, 2018 at 2:53 PM

    Top photo isnt hers but the bottom on is iv met her before