Jim Clifford Heimbecker — He’s got the cheese already, now listen to his whine

Jim Clifford Heimbecker — He’s got the cheese already, now listen to his whine

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik and army, meet the saddest most victimized , loser the world has tried and tried to vaccinate against. Jim Heimbecker is the very reason, people need to vaccinate their children. this sociopathic, victim playing fake, is usually seen whining around getting sympathy votes on how hard he has had it, without mentioning of course his lying abusive and degrading and manipulative behaviour, that he unleashes on those empaths, who are stupid enough to believe his shat. See this is a pattern for this little orphan who can’t stop touching his self while filming and posting Photoshop pics of his washed weekly junk all over the web and to whoever he sees as fit. . (literally showers once a week with queing and constant encouragement) his current fugly gunt the infamous disease Connie “horsemouth”buttplug errr besplug rather , gave him body lice and infected his whole place with bedbugs snivling all over the internet for sympathy is his M.O seeking validation for only his side of sh1t and then thinks he is important enough to destroy those he blames for his woes. by turning to sites like this thinking the people he posts about really base the opinions they KNOW of themselves on a 56 year olds childish banter. he is a pretender and quite good at it. He got canned from his last two jobs , hasn’t held one down longer than 2 years since left home , at the tender age of 30. he lies and misrepresents every single facet of his life. If u seen a horror in your life he has even worse.  his loyalty depends on who he feels is cool and how much money they have. image is everything  his one and only friend , is his dumping whenever he isn’t around.  jim makes fun of this single frirmd CONSTANTLY behind his back. Jim. JH , d3ranged (need I say more)jerkoffaholic to man porn claims to be an outgoing social person when really he is a gamer who hates people PERIOD. if he likes u there’s a reason behind it. just watch out. this manchild is cunning and so adept at playing a sorry sob who has it so rough…but really there’s a reason, that he has only a friend with problems and a ladyman, Connie , who has spread more Venereal disease than the whole of the 70s era. but then again her mother did get smashed when connie was in utero. Jim however no one will know… inbred is likely he was given up for adoption .he figures he is so much like his father gonna be like him well that isn’t possible. That’s a genetic thing to have traits and qualities of a parent . Public advisory please vaccinate your children to prevent the  high class crayon eaters spreading poison further amongst our population.


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  1. Becky McDonaldDecember 8, 2018 at 9:28 PM

    The Dirty Saskatoon should change it’s name to the people of RatBecca McDonald of Saskatoon. Just about everyone on the Dirty Saskatoon is involved with Becky McDonald. And, Becky your writing style is so unique that even the blind and illiterate will recognize you. Especially with your obsession with Connie, everything you do, RatBecca, revolves around your crazy and psychotic obsession with Connie. WTF gives with this? You tried to kill her with cyanide that Collin provided. You have upped your game to murder, or attempted murder, and you are still above the law. Think about this, you openly brag, in writing, about your murder attempts on your life obsession, Connie, and the police once again let you go. You must be a very important snitch as the police just ignore your murderous actions.

  2. Rebecca Lynn McdonaldNovember 29, 2018 at 9:17 AM

    Wow Rebecca’s posting more lies about the men she screws over can you believe it?
    Ratbecca loces to post things even about herself so awesome to see you’ll never measure up to being a human ratbecca
    Your just mad jim dumped your meth a55 and won’t put up with your lies and stealing
    Good on yah
    Sad looser Bexky

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