Kaylin Locken – the One Who Couldnt Keep it in his Pants

Kaylin Locken – the One Who Couldnt Keep it in his Pants

THE DIRTY ARMY:  have you ever heard of the town bicycle? what about the multiple town bicycle? give or take, the 3 different cities kind of town slut. everyone meet Kaylin Locken. it started out with him seeing the mother of his child. clearly she didnt satisfy him enough because he went out and started seeing 5 girls at once, that we know of, and thankfully here we are exposing his ass. if thats not bad enough, his poor kid had to suffer and be bounced between all his different girlfriends houses. what is it kaylin? did all the pepsi and crack affect your pea brain so bad you had to affect many other girls hearts? you sick motherf*ckin c*nt. how havent the servers at boston pizza said something when you bring in a new girl on a date every week? how is your baby mama OKAY with you doing this? is her brain just as f*cked as yours that she doesnt care about what youre doing? go smoke some more crack with your nephew. remember, its just water under the bridge.

— OP hopefully he wears a helmet when bicycling. 


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