Kiri Louise Allen the poor jealous b1tch

Kiri Louise Allen the poor jealous b1tch

THE DIRTY ARMY:  The poor thing settles for her bf that is a continuous cheater…. she wants to marry her bf but he tries to hire floozys every couple days. Lol she goes out of town n her bf fuks b1tches an she busted him an still stays with him an tries to pin it on the girl its so sad like grab some self esteem lol poor thing hahaha move on hunny you deserve better

— OP sounds like a sticky situation.

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  1. KAJune 13, 2018 at 1:42 PM

    I guess you are one of those b1tches he F*cks? you dumb idiot. Except you are not one of them because he wouldn’t put his d1ck anywhere near your nasty a55 poon. Still a B1TCH though SHIRELLE.

  2. KVJune 13, 2018 at 8:01 AM

    Well, we all know this is a crock of crap. Shirelle do you really have nothing better to do than post about my friend? I remember you from high school. You had your legs open all the time back then too. I see you haven’t grown up. Your mom and dad babied and spoiled you back then, and now they are raising your children too. Lets hope they do a better job with them than they did with you. You were given everything, your sister turned out alright so wtf happened to you?? you need to grow up. I’ve read the messages, and all it is is you bragging about bull crap that never actually happened. You were just desperately trying to get in his pants. why? because he has a house? a nice vehicle? he takes care of himself? ya you little golddigger, all the things you look for in a guy.. A little bit of money so you can live nicely and never work and feed your addiction you crack head. Oh i guess you do have a job now eh? you are a carnie loser. Grow up girl, stay where you are, its the best for everyone. Loser. ALSO, stay away from MY friend and her man. You are not wanted around by either.