Leanne Renee Kloth — Baby-crazy psycho with DRD!

Leanne Renee Kloth — Baby-crazy psycho with DRD!

THE DIRTY ARMY: stay away from this chick! shes obsessed with kids and tries to get pregnant off every guy she dates (if she cant convince you to have unprotected sex then the condom mysteriously breaks or falls off)! she’s pretty much guaranteed to claim she’s pregnant the instant you break up with her & will immediately start calling you things like loser & deadbeat for breaking up wit her even if shes not actually pregnant! she has one kid already – prolly from some guy she “accidentally” broke a condom on! she also has a DRD and no job – just stays at home & collects welfare & thinks shes better than everyone else bcause she popped out a kid. dont be her next victem – stay far away!


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  1. Tiny TimMay 12, 2019 at 10:46 AM

    This is all very true, Leanne is a toxic person & a liar & manipulator. She loves to play the victim but the truth is she just uses people to try to get her way. She uses her kid & the attempts to get pregnant to try to trap guys into a relationship with her. I feel bad for the poor guy she duped into getting her pregnant & for the kid that has to grow up with such a toxic parent.

  2. EvaOctober 30, 2018 at 11:05 PM

    I know her, she has job doing child care & she’s amazing with all those kids who come into her care. She’s actually one of the nicest women i know & I know for a fact she wouldn’t do or say any of that! She was single for like 3 years as well. Also please use spell check next time. Prolly= probably
    Victem = victim

    • Got in her pantsOctober 31, 2018 at 11:33 PM

      Eva your full of BS cause Leanne is always on POF and not only have I heard the stories I’ve had them with her. Doug Nankivell used to take her home all the time and would sleep with her and ram his nubby finger up her a**. After Doug left her for his roommates daughter Leanne would call saying that she’s pregnant and that he gave her diseases. She’s even messaged me a few times on POF with just straight up messages saying ‘want to hookup’ and when you message back or ask her about it in person she claims it’s her friend that messaged you. She’s a full alleged BSer.

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