Ray Monias — Ray The Skinner Back At It .

Ray Monias — Ray The Skinner Back At It .

THE DIRTY AMRY: So we have made a bunch of fake accounts of kids and there all underage ray has been innoxing a couple of them and sending his d1ck pick and asking them if they ever wake up with morning wood . Asking the young girls if they wake up moist he’s being telling them I will eat you out than cum on your little pu55y . He said to my little sister he likes them young and fresh. He is one very sick individual and all these have been sent to the cops and now there’s 6 open files on him from various people . The SPS told us that it’s just a matter of finding him . He will be getting charged as hes been charged with quite a few of sexual assaults involving kids . Everyone be aware and please check your little ones Facebook’s . He also beat up his baby mama from what I’ve got told thankfully she was smart enough to leave him . He touched his own neice and her friend they were 8 & 9 ask him about it he will most likely tell you about it and say I didn’t know any better . He is very sick I don’t think he will ever stop until he is in jail for good. I wouldn’t recommend going out with him either he will ruin your whole life I had to have a abortion cause social services told me he would never be allowed to be around his own kid . So my fellow Saskatoon people be aware please .


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  1. JasOctober 23, 2018 at 12:37 PM

    You had to have an abortion cause HE couldnt take care of the kid? thats just ridiculous. Im more embarrassed for you than him!