Sickest stinkiest sleezeball – Wahab Khan

Sickest stinkiest sleezeball – Wahab Khan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Probably the most ugliest [redacted] I’ve ever seen ROFL. He TRIES to flirt with every girl so he can pass on his drd to everyone else cause he’s mad that he got am drd for doing anal with his brother. F*cked up guy. Twisted. Fake ass. Tries to hard to be cool but is a queerbag. Man whore

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  1. VictimMay 29, 2018 at 1:06 PM

    LOL THIS GUY I got my car done couple years ago maybe less.. He was hitting on me so hard asking if he can take me to the back where they have no cameras. I laughed so hard and asked if smelt himself lately. PAKKIE SMELL NEVER GOES AWAY. Stay with your own kind man she wudnt have a problem with your stinky ass

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