Fake motivational speaker

Fake motivational speaker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Connor LaRocque is FAKE!! When I found out what this guys does it really rattled me up! This guy gives out motivations speeches on life and perspectives, about depression….etc. Let me give you the scoop on Connor: throughout middle school and high school this kid bullied me so bad I didn’t even go to school. I’m not the only victim off his. Girls didn’t sleep with him, he would lie and say they did then shame them. One girl at our school who was a virgin in grade 12 he ruined her yearbook by writing slut all over it and drew dick than threw her book at her in front of all his guy friends to look cool and started calling her names in front of everyone. She spent an hour hiding in the bathroom. Every day he picked on me body slamming me into lockers, purposely kicking me. This kid doesn’t know a hard life. He grew up with money, never had to work hard at sh*t because it just gets handed to him. He was never “a wangster or gangster.” He was a white boy who dressed black, thought he was cool. and bullied everyone around him unless you were in his group. He picked on a kid every day in the cafeteria who had Down syndrome tripping him then laughing pretend to be his friend and making fun of him and now he’s trying to act like this kid who had it bad and had to pick himself up again….not true. Like I said he’s a little rich boy who grew up on money and wouldn’t know what a hard life is even if it was handed to him. Maybe he should step in the shoes of one of his victims and he would see how we all think he’s a fake.


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  1. The TruthJune 20, 2018 at 9:57 AM

    Huge ego on this guy. Still lives at home and is 27 years old. Sets up fake companies and pretends he makes good money with them. If he made any money at all he would not be living at home with his parents. Connor does not know the first thing about real grinding. Has no grit. Total poser in the entepeniour game.

  2. ButtHurtChildMarch 31, 2018 at 7:57 AM

    Somebody’s got a little to much time on their hands. As someone that knows Connor I can definitely tell you he didn’t pick on kids with Down syndrome.

  3. UnknownMarch 31, 2018 at 3:50 AM

    I feel terrible that this happened to you I high school. Although, I feel there are other things in your life you need work on because writing this post shows you have a lot of bottled up anger. If you talked to Connor now he has completely changed. This new perspective on life makes him an amazing motivational speaker. I’m sure if you guys met and talked it out you would no longer feel this way. Connor is loving life and I think no matter who anyone is in the past if they are happy they should be encouraged to stay that way!

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