Warning Stalker/Harasser — Ryan Pennington

Warning Stalker/Harasser — Ryan Pennington

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, WARNING to anyone who might date Ryan Pennington. He’s from Summerland B.C. is a chef. He is a narcissist, controlling, manipulating guy, you should be very careful of. For instance, my one girlfriend broke up with him a few months back and he has made fake accounts, harassed her, left notes on her car, constant contact, he hasn’t taken the break up well and is starting to scare her. I know she doesn’t know what else to do, so I wanted to WARN other women for the future. I have attached the screenshots she sent me. Today she started a police file and he REACHED OUT AGAIN. Stalking and Harassment is illegal! HE NEEDS TO STOP! He’s 27 and is not very mature, lives at home with his MOM who does foster care, when he constantly drinks non stop, and smokes weed and cigarettes.


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  1. YupMay 11, 2018 at 9:01 AM

    Ryan Pennington didn’t like the truth put out about him so he posted his ex who he was harassing *Brittney Taylor* and called her a gold digger, even though he was the one stalking her.

    Ryan you live at home with your mommy, you have no $.

    Warning he’s a compulsive liar. Be careful.

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