Amberlyn Delling of Surrey

Amberlyn Delling of Surrey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, while I was with Amberlyn Delling, she used to go onto Craigslist and sell used panties on Craigslist and she had lots of replies. It was a habit that I was fine with for a long time because she was helping out with the money situation. She also offered other services to the customers which I wont go into detail with, but she has been doing this since I can remember.

She broke up with me the worst way possible due to the fact that I made little money and was not convenient for her like the man she left me for, after putting up with everything she was going through and what she was doing while she was with me, which I wont go into detail about. I thought we had a special bond and she would never leave my side.. I was wrong.. I had a feeling she would leave me for someone older with money, as I knew deep down that’s what she wanted. Its really low of someone to sell nudes and meet up with guys to offer services, so I began to pipe up and that’s when she started selling her panties only along with flashes.

It’s sad to see a young woman selling herself on Craigslist due to alcoholic parents with no structure or guidance or even financial support for their own daughter. Her mother would always be drunk and high and only lives for herself. The funniest part was she use to put the dog mat in front of Amberlyn’s bedroom door so the dog could poo and pee in front of her room. I assume she has a reason for doing that to her.

She loves the personal section on Craigslist and checked often along with making posts on her mobile phone. Often, she would meet up in parks or malls to sell panties or flash them for e-mail transfers of money. Her main interests sexually were she likes to be wiped and spanked and dominated. I felt like I could not please her sexually and has effected my sexual relationships with future partners and I don’t want her to hurt another man like she did to me. I gave her the world. I would have done anything for her. I thought we had a bond that would of lasted forever.

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  1. Kimberly MarieOctober 4, 2017 at 10:31 AM

    Seen her ads on cl at the time lol tbh you should have seen this coming, posting multiple ads trying to seduce men into buying used underwear… 10 years from now this is gonna be some poor child’s mommy.