Bonnie Lukiv — Mother of the Year…

Bonnie Lukiv — Mother of the Year…

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is a hoe (legitimately she’s a slore)named Bonnie Luvic who thinks it’s ok to fuk other people’s boyfriends and try to act like she’s your friend and didnt do anything, just so she can keep fuking him and ratting on you. Just because she has to fuk anything that walks doesn’t mean she should be driving around at 4am to fuk other people’s men and lying to try yo make her seem like she’s a good person. She tried to say she only talked to him but that was a complete lie and tried to hide the fact she is a straight up slut now just giving it away for free. Shes desperate and lonely because she’s such a horrible person, horrible mother and a rat that no one really wants they just use her for free p4p, drugs, and or place to stay. She has a serious drug problem and choses drugs and being out at night over being a good mom to her 3 kids and being home with them. It’s disgusting that someone who calls themselves a mother would do such things. She should be ashamed of herself and change her ways. Do that before you damage your children even more than they already are. Stop ruining other people’s lives just cuz you’re too old and over used to get clients anymore. You truly are a disgusting and a horrible person.

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  1. Op a bozoSeptember 3, 2018 at 7:01 PM

    She just needs rehab, she’ll be alright

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