Charmaine Govender the racists disease filled home wrecker

Charmaine Govender the racists disease filled home wrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this piece of cow dung for a woman has wrecked three marriages and continues as if she had did nothing wrong. We have fathers that cannot see their kids and wives in pain from her deliberate plan on using men for money at any cost! She has given quite a few men her sexual transmitted genital herpes and seems proud about this disgusting behaviour of hers.

She brags about having three to four different men a day and does not use any form of protection. She likes white guys which there is nothing wrong with that but she always talks with a lot of hate about blacks and Jews on how they should have gased them all. She brags about anal sex and loves multiple men loving her head giving skills. She even sleeps with some of these men in her daughters room and seems to have no shame in her game.

So everyone beware of these evil racists floozy that has left kids with no father and men with a lifetime of memories of the sexual disease. She trolls the POF site as a hunter stalks his prey …. .so be careful men and please if do you sleep with Charmaine Govender from Surrey, British Columbia.

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