Dirty King dan mellish

Dirty King dan mellish

THE DIRTY ARMY:Now he calls himself TATTOODAN ALLEN MELLISH, dont let this guy tattoo. Hr can NOT tattoo. Look at his legs and his stomach lol thats the crap work he does. Infection is guaranteed as he is dirty and he does trade sex for tattoo’s. Its not worth the crap tattoo or the DRD that you will get from him!. He is not a biker, but he wears a biker vest that he is selling for 100 on facebook tonight and those ugly boots he wears. This guy lies more than he tells the truth, he creates his own drama for attention and pity. There is no loyal bones in his body, he talks sh1t about everyone including the people he lives with. He claims the husband is gay and complains about there constant fighting. He complains about the way the meetings are ran and claims he will be taking them over soon. He says that there taking all his money for rent. He picks up anyone thats dumb enough with a wet spot and in recovery. Recovery is his breeding ground. Most of the girls are nice because hes so pushy but there have been many complaints about him in house meetings. He is dirty in every way and when he takes his teeth out he looks like an inbred from Wrong Turn. FAKE PEOPLE DONT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF THEM, REAL PEOPLE DO CARE ABOUT THERE IMAGE get it right Dan.


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  1. HahaNovember 24, 2018 at 5:01 PM

    Hey bud my day with you is coming im sick of your loud mouth attitude in the meeting your a joke trying to act like a thug banging girls half your age whats wrong makes me wonder if you like little girls your in my town now and ive put up with you for3 month 1 punch at a mmeetin is what your gettin goof

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