Dennis Watson Aka Agent Gay

Dennis Watson Aka Agent Gay

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dennis Watson is a goof he preaches democracy but runs a stupid little blog with an iron fist if you don’t agree with his views your comment doesn’t get posted guy is a Nazi. Constantly thinking blaze posts everything negative on his blog. He says sh1t how he doesn’t involve him self in drama but posts gossip about biker clubs around the world he has nothing to do with. Posts about local people that have nothing to do with him. Got your a55 sued for that one didnt you stupid fuk. Says stupid sh1t like peace at the end of his blogs thinking he is something special when in reality he is a squirrely looking fuking wierd-o. In d Watson’s mind and his ugly fuking daughters mind they are never wrong. Eh shanny daddy is a goof rat loser. Go smoke pole in New York Ireland and where ever else u claimed to have kicked a55 with the fairy farting cup cakes your a joke bud.

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  1. DwatsonisgayNovember 6, 2018 at 12:08 PM

    Hahaha guy is a rat with a rat blog he has mental problems should just leave the RETARD alone