Donn Burmingham of Chilliwack

Donn Burmingham of Chilliwack

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all, I’d like to say…..”DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING Don Burmingham (DONN) SAYS”, he is a compulsive “BULLSHI**ER”! He will tell story after story about how great and loyal he is, how he makes so much money, and how he is such a great worker. I worked for Donn for 20 day. His truck was stolen so he was short on cash, so I loaned him the daily expenses to get to and from work, fuel for his bobcat (which ended up being hot) and smokes. Yes, I was a fool.

Donn got fired from the job we were doing for arriving at work and spending the first two hours at work sitting in his truck while he told me another bullsh*t story, then working an hour or two and leaving, not getting an adequate amount of work done. Donn brags about how great a mechanic he is, yet he wouldn’t listen to me when I told him his starting problem was his batteries, they were almost dead. If he didn’t start his truck first try, he had to get a boost, yet he figures it’s an electrical problem. It was December, cold, and his truck was a diesel. He really doesn’t have a clue.

Donn’s truck was stolen just before I met him. All his gear was gone when he got it back. I figure his truck was stolen by someone he owed money to, because he didn’t pay anyone who worked for him. Since Donn was low on gear, I loaned him some of my tools, My chains, various sized prybars, and a few misc tools I can’t remember. Donn gave nothing back and when I asked for them got a bunch of bullsh*t lies.

Donn broke up with his common law wife Debbie Nickola. She was living in the common house here in Chilliwack and worked driving limousine in Surrey, so also lived in Surrey. Donn kicked her out, which was totally acceptable to me cause she was not happy unless they were fighting and I really didn’t need to hear it. Donn needing money rented out the spare room in his house and an Rv he had in the driveway, where he spent the money. I don’t know but his hydro was cut off so he had it put in his name and Donn never paid a cent on the mortgage, Debbie paid it from Surrey. Donn’s work truck Debbie bought for him, but insured it in her name. Donn was to pay the monthly premium but didn’t. Meanwhile had two accidents, and the truck was was impounded twice cause Donn has no valid drivers licence. Debbie got it out of impound both times and the second time cost her eighteen hundred dollars. She finally took posession of the truck.

Donn is a thief. He did a grow rip in the Rosedale area. What he did with that money I dont know, because every time I saw him, he was bumming smokes off me and trying to borrow money. What am I, stupid? Why would I loan you money when you owe me a grand? Was all I had to say. As far as the smokes go, I finally said to him “F**k Donn, buy your own smokes!”

Donn is what I call a Piece of sh*t goof. He is a cop caller and beat the f**k out of Debbie many times (not that she didnt deserve it). After assaulting Debbie in front of me, he called the cops and said she attacked him so he could account for the bruises on her. Donn has two birth certificates- one from Montreal and one from California. I’ve been told they both have different birthdates, I can’t say for sure. Donn spells his name DONN, that’s why I spell it that way. Donn worked under the name “Double D Construction,” yet it is not a registered company, he has no business licence and does not file a tax return with Canada revenue. I stand behind everything I say. It is what I whitnessed in person unless stated differently.

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