Child service worker? Child abuser Harpreet Gill Kang

Child service worker? Child abuser Harpreet Gill Kang

THE DIRTY ARMY: I heard these so called child service workers/ renters, threw a family with small children to the cirb while locking all their childrens food in the home after they left all because they couldnt wait 12 more hours for them to move/ leave properly. Their 5 month old baby stay stuck in the rain with no food waiting for police to come to let them grab what they could carry!!! They later run their names into the ground say horrible things about their parents AND children!! U would think that a child servise worker would try to help the family in stead of ruin them!! What peaces of shit. And on another note they say these people ruined their home thats a load of crap their home was left that way because they gave them only a couple hours with their kids to collect what they could carry and leave. If they were given more time their “home” would not have been left that way!!!! The scary part is…is these are people that are government hires to help our children and struggling family. Instead they make it their mission to destroy them. Horrible horrible people!! Keep your family away from these people they will leave u with nothing.

— OP – It’s 2018. Use spellcheck. This post makes you sound ignant.

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  1. Jane DoeJune 19, 2018 at 10:40 PM

    You sound like a salty deadbeat tenant who couldn’t pay rent and got evicted. Basement suites are $500-$1000, maybe re-examine your own life and parenting capabilities before posting people on the dirty? Pay your rent man and sort your own life out.

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