Jaenine mackenzie Ross — Is She Or Isnt She

Jaenine mackenzie Ross — Is She Or Isnt She

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok this is Jaenine butch extraordinaire, she sits on the fence. One day shes manly licking p1ssy the next day shes sucking d1ck! Jaenine likes to think shes tough and bada55 bullying people around. Her little fag boyfriend Dan Mellish is the d1ck of the week until she wants my p1ssy back. Aint happenin after you been with that walkin DRD. Jaenine tells me she loves me but is stroking old dirty dans pictures! Your both washed up strung out ex junkies. Dont comin crawlin back to me when his 5 minutes is done!


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  1. AnonSeptember 18, 2018 at 11:03 AM

    Hes doing lesbian now? Lol any hole will do

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