Jessica Dawn Ford of Surrey

Jessica Dawn Ford of Surrey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think of this one? I’ll quickly sum up why she’s so desperate for a quick f**k and mooch any drugs you have to offer and offer favors for more once you get her high lol. She’s never met her father, as her mother was working Whalley and throughout Surrey when she got pregnant. She clings to this picture of who she ‘thinks’ her dad is and shows everyone as if she’s proud? She’s had a typical foster childhood full of abuse that we’ll save her the decency of talking about. Throughout high school, she’d cheat on her boyfriends while on drugs, then play the victim and say she was raped, even though we watched her seduce him when the Molly started to kick in LOL.

These days she sits at home and depends on her next welfare check so she can get her cheap drugs and booze. The real reason y’all should be aware is because this broad will literally sleep with anything that walks. Do NOT leave your boyfriend alone with her, even if you’re just leaving the room to grab your weed. As soon as she starts drinking, she starts eyeing up all the guys to see who’s down to head to the bed with her. Ladies, watch your man around her. Men, get yourself checked out if you’ve already hit it. Oh btw, she converted to Wiccan and casts spells on people she doesn’t like…. She’s a proud ‘witch’ and brags about her religion to everyone she meets.

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  1. Kimberly (OP)June 11, 2018 at 11:21 AM

    The word “butthurt” would imply I’m unjustifiably angry and/or bothered by the actions demonstrated.
    I, however, have had two wonderful parents all my life —that tried for years to convince me.
    I have also had friends that never met their father (or mother) and in most cases, they truly did want to meet them one day.. However, I have never encountered such a sad existence where their entire life is an obsession; a single photograph of a “man at the strip club with his face buried in a strippers tits.”
    I highly doubt anyone would normalize hearing about psychotic delusions on ‘what could have happened to him’ and why he never tried to be apart of her life rather than accepting the unfortunate reality of being unwanted. On a side note, bringing up her foster care is all she ever does. I’m sure she’s more than grateful more people are aware; in hopes some desperate middle-aged pedophile will send her sympathetic messages on how she deserved so much better in life. This mutt lives for people’s sympathy and plays out the purest example of ‘Woe is Me’.

    Overall, the dialect I detected from your comment implies you were somewhat bothered, yourself. I hope I did not offend someone else who suffered the same outcome cause they too perhaps, were raised without the privilege of having both a mother and father and/or were placed into foster care at a point in their life.

  2. Lame..May 8, 2018 at 1:02 AM

    To the op.. the fact you bring up her foster care and clinging to a pic of her dad just makes you sound butthurt .. I’m sorry but super ridiculous. .

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