Kailey Davenport — ….Scamming Dum Ho Who Pees Herself. ..Dated The Late Wes Norgen

Kailey Davenport — ….Scamming Dum Ho Who Pees Herself. ..Dated The Late Wes Norgen

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kailey davenport lives in Surrey bc jumping off one guys d1ck while she’s pretending to be friends with girls while she’s scooping out her new territory by Making up lies and sacking them off and then when she gets their man she wears all their clothes and their underwear so nasty she decides to try to tell me I haven’t any of my clothes and she’s wearin my clothes and she’s urging me on and so I was down to fight cos she was wantin to well she said but then she got scared when I was comin at her sayin oh no ill call the cops so u better watch out after that she had a bf for years she told all he was abusive wes norgen and he spoiled her and fed her the down she wanted and the meth she used everyone for money and her 26 of vodka she woke up one guy wi th his fingers up her that while he was sleepin he was disgusted and didnt even belive it was her box because he said that the reason why he woke up was coz he smell real bad dog sh1t one time at a party she showed my bf and his guy friends and me videos of her gettin her head banged up behind a door and gettin it in the a55 and one video of her suck’n her late bf off then smelly tuna head started to put her finger behind her whIle bent over while ththe video. Played she came over my place and she back stabbed me by multiplying my bf w lies of me and I had been so nice to her and now I am mad at myself for even Makin her feel like she is even better then me She does drugs and old men and drinks and likes to talk alot and she does has 2 smelly loose holes which stains her pants and she pees herself all the fukin time she is such a duma55 ppl can’t take her sh1t for. So long after they notice her makeup covers her plain scamming dum cvnt face she set up my friend wes by hotshot in him and she even admits it to a whole bunch of us and even Saud her brown bf did it and we’ll i hope these brown guys fuk her up for even tell. On them and Makin them look stupid cos she uses them and would out them so quickly.. When u see her tell her u know what she did and smash her out and cement glue her sh1t


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  1. I hate redheadsSeptember 27, 2018 at 10:48 AM

    Ok your smart
    Whoever wrote this sounds like the same…your a smart cookie aren’t you
    Can’t even judge that being the same as that stupid skank lol maybe your kailey sounds like somethin dumb she would say
    Go do somethin with ur life like pee ur pants and drop dead q

  2. GingerSeptember 24, 2018 at 3:58 PM

    Whoever wrote this sounds like ur the same lol