Katrina Mccurdy of Surrey

Katrina Mccurdy of Surrey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this broad is f**ked and Surrey needs to be aware of her scandalous ways. Katrina Mccurdy is always babysitting her niece & nephew and her friends babies while hanging with her friend (and her son). They post snapchats of them getting loaded off Pepsi and chugging bottles with the kids they’re supposted to be watching in the other room!! Her and Price are both awful women and should be nowhere near babies. WARNING: to all you young moms who pawn off your kids on Katrina, hope your comfortable with a Pepsi’d out drunk picking up your child and stumbling around the house- or even take them for a stroll to Central. She posts such innocent pictures on her Facebook but here is the real Durty Mccurdy you guys pay to watch your kid. (Oh and your kid was probably in a playpen crying when half of these were taken.) *This post does not break any rules, it is simply a warning to all mothers*


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  1. AnonJune 5, 2018 at 9:02 PM

    Anyone who knows Katrina would know this is not true at all, she never watches her nephews while she’s drunk she puts her nephews over anything in the world. Whoever posted this obviously doesn’t know her personally and should stop making lies about good people!

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