Marie Elizabeth Daignault – Dirty Lying Pig

Marie Elizabeth Daignault – Dirty Lying Pig

THE DIRTY ARMY:  This slore is f*kd..she stole my personal information from her job at telus. .used it to contact me outside of her work…she seemed nice but little did I know she is a junkie floozy..she made me believe we had a great relationship..she even came out to visit and look at places for her to go to art school..then 2 days after she got home I got the text it was over. .come to find out she has a couple bfs while we were together.. in reality she is an floozy who is only after that paper…she has a few guys in the go and uses and lies..she is the worst kind of sub human wh*re…just a real piece of sh1t…I hope everyone sees this and puts it on you..thanks for putting this up guys..she needs to be known.

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  1. Captain fukJune 4, 2018 at 11:27 AM

    Ya this slut also said she went to rehab..ya fukn right…that’s just another “poor me” excuse for sympathy

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